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The Gun Page

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As you can tell firearms are by far one of my biggest hobbies so I spend a lot of time reading, thinking, and discussing them with people that share that interest.  If you want to learn a bit about firearms read on but if you are against firearms don't read on because you might be just a wee bit upset.

I am taking a rifle class at TN Tech right now and am really enjoying it.  I took a Skeet/Trap class last year and came in first in Trap.  I have qualified for Marksman in the NRA Marksmanship Program and am well on my way to Marksman First Class.  Just have to save up a little money before I can afford to keep shooting trap.  I have already qualified for the third bar sharpshooter in 4 position rifle under the NRA Marksmanship Program using smallbore at 50 feet.

I just joined the NRA for the first time yesterday and joined the Wilderness Road Range in Virginia.

John Moses Browning - The Thomas Edison of Firearms.

How to Shoot a Round of Skeet - Want to learn how to hit birds consistently while hunting?

Dave's Gun Drawings - Just a few drawings I drew while I was bored.

You might be a gun nut if...... - I match 64 of these how many do you match?

Rimfire Central - by far the best website for anything .22 on the web.  I post here and have over 215 posts so far.

Exceptional Gun Builds -  Mostly 10/22s I see on the internet.

National Rifle Association - One of the biggest and strongest Pro-Gun organizations.  Lots of information.